About Us

The Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators was founded in 1985. Its membership currently consists of more than 200 individuals who are engaged in Zoning Administration, Code Enforcement, Planning, and related professions within the state of Georgia. The organization was formed as a mechanism by which these individuals can come together to promote the zoning profession and seek professional improvement through education, training and networking.

GAZA is governed by a set of bylaws and elected Officers and Board of Directors who each serve 4-year terms. The organization conducts 2-day conferences twice per year at various locations around the state. The stated purposes of GAZA are contained in its bylaws and are summarized as follows:

1. Improve professionalism of Zoning Administrators and Zoning Code Enforcement officers by promoting high standards of efficiency in the administration of zoning ordinances through continuous education and training. This includes the development of instructional courses and conferences either singularly or in cooperation with recognized educational institutions to reach this end.

2. Create a better public understanding and appreciation of zoning administration, and its importance to the health, safety, welfare, and prosperity of Georgia\’s municipalities and counties. This includes meeting with government officials and organized groups that are concerned with zoning issues in order to discuss mutual problems and exchange ideas.

3. GAZA itself shall not attempt to formulate any land plan or zoning ordinance for adoption by any municipality, county or state. However, this restriction shall not prohibit the recommendation of revisions to any state law or proposed legislation so long as the recommendation(s) is/are approved by the membership in a regular constituted meeting.

Mission Statement:

The Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators’ mission is to provide training and support to its members in order to foster and improve the quality of life and provide for sustainable growth for the community as well as to educate and promote the best practices and professional development that will enhance the roles of planning and zoning organizations across Georgia.