Jasper County – Planning & Zoning Director

Jasper County Georgia is looking for new talent to serve as their Planning & Zoning Director!

A copy of the job description may be located at: Planning-and-Zoning-Director.pdf (jaspercountyga.org) and a copy of the employment application may be located at: 2021 Job Application Revision (jaspercountyga.org).

For more information about this opportunity, please visit: Human Resources | Jasper County Georgia (jaspercountyga.org).

Please submit resume and application by email to Mike Benton, County Manager at mbenton@jaspercountyga.org or by mail or in person to the Board of Commissioners Office at the ground floor of the Courthouse located at 126 W. Greene St. Ste. 18, Monticello, GA 31064.

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