Board Meeting – August 28, 2013

GAZA Board Meeting
August 28, 2013
Sea Palms Resort, St. Simons Island, GA


  • Randy Mannino
  • Ken Patton
  • Norman Pope
  • Allison Slocum
  • Mary Teter
  • Tom O’Bryant
  • Johnny Parham
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Nancy Seegar
  • Jean Lord
  • Chrissy Marlowe

President Mannino called the board meeting to order at 4:20 PM.

Minutes of the April 29, 2013 board meeting had been emailed to everyone in advance. Copies were also distributed at the meeting. After review and discussion, Ken Patton made a motion, seconded by Johnny Parham, to approve the minutes as written. Unanimous approval.

A financial report was distributed. Mr. Pope gave a recap on revenue and expenses. Mr. O’Bryant made a motion, seconded by Ms. Seegar, to approve the financial report. Unanimous approval.

Discussion was held concerning the vacant board position created by the resignation of board member Darryl Simmons. Two board positions will be up for election in 2014 and Darryl’s term is not set to expire until 2016. Duane Treadon was mentioned as a possible candidate if he returns to zoning work.

Committee reports were heard from the following:

  1. Scholarship: applications had been reviewed, and a winner would be selected by the committee at a meeting scheduled tomorrow.
  2. Contract for current year with UGA has been signed and sent to CVIOG. Contract will carry GAZA through June 30, 2014.
  3. The most recent edition of the newsletter went out two weeks prior to the conference. Several members did not receive it and it will be emailed again. Thanks to Rosana Juestel and Allison Slocum for their work on the publication.
  4. Mr. Mannino reported that Richard Osborne was now responsible for the AICP-CM program.
  5. Ms. Slocum and Mr. Patton reported that the certificate program is still under review and study. They have reviewed several other states and their programs and have determined that a code of ethics is needed for GAZA. Copies of the mission statement for GAZA will be mailed to all board members.
  6. Mr. Parham delivered a report concerning membership. 2013 currently is 135 compared to 167 in 2012.

2014 Winter conference will be in Athens February 5-7. Ms. Lord supplied the board with rates and conference costs of several locations, including Macon, Columbus, and Augusta. After discussion, Mr. Pope made a motion, seconded by Ms. Seegar, to select Augusta as the host city for 2014 Summer. Unanimous approval. Available dates are July 23-25 or August 13-15. Members will be asked to vote on the dates at the business meeting tomorrow.

Introduction of speakers for Thursday and Friday sessions were determined.

The next scheduled board meeting will be October 18, 2013 in Eatonton, GA at 11:00 AM.

Board meeting adjourned at 5:40 PM.

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