Board Meeting – October 27, 2017

October 27, 2017
Eatonton, Georgia

Board Members Present

  • Allison Slocum, President
  • Richard Osborne, Vice-President
  • Norman W. Pope, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Ethan Calhoun
  • Mike Mastrario
  • Ken Patton, Past President

Board Members Absent:

  • Mary Teter
  • Jeanne Anne Marsh
  • Tom Bryant


  • Jean Lord – UGA

President Allison Slocum called the scheduled board meeting of Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators (GAZA) to order at 11.25 a.m.

Minutes of the previous board meeting held on August 23, 2017, in Helen, Georgia, had been e-mailed to everyone in attendance.  Copies were also distributed at this meeting.  After review, Lisa Jackson made a motion, seconded by Ken Patton, to approve the minutes as written.  Unanimous approval.

The financial report was distributed to all in attendance. Report was given by Norman Pope on income and expenses of the Association.  A motion was made by Mike Mastrario, seconded by Lisa Jackson, to approve the financial report as submitted. Unanimous approval.

Jean Lord, UGA, distributed reports on the recent GAZA summer conference held in Helen, Georgia on August 23-25, 2017.  Majority of comments were very positive concerning facilities, food, and sessions.  It was the highest attendance in several years for a GAZA conference – 118 paid registrations.  Net revenue for the Helen Conference amounted to $34,290.00 and expenses were $24,798.19 resulting in a $9,494.81 surplus to be added to the GAZA CVIOG account.

Committee reports were made by the following board members:

  • Norman Pope – Scholarship – Deadline for 2018-2019 Betty Gecoma scholarship will be May 31, 2018.
  • Richard Osborne – Legislative – Richard will contact Todd Edwards to see if Mr. Edwards can present a legislative report at the 2018 Summer Conference to be held at St. Simons          Island.
  • Richard Osborne – Newsletter – Angela Rambeau will help with putting together a newsletter. Board members are encouraged to write news articles.
  • Richard Osborne – AICP-CM – Approximately 14 attendees registered for the continuing education credits at the Helen Conference.  Cost of the program is being underwritten by GPA.
  • Norman Pope – Membership – Current stands at 167 members – all board members need to recruit.

Allison Slocum – Nominating – the committee is already in the process of preparing a proposed slate of officers and board members for the election scheduled for the winter conference to be held at Lake Blackshear on February 7-9, 2018.

The board decided to provide the participants at the 2018 Summer Conference with a golf shirt with the GAZA logo on the shirt.  The shirt will be navy blue with white lettering and will cost around $10.50 to $11.00 per shirt.

Richard Osborne reported he is working with some members from Flynn County and City of Brunswick to provide some giveaway bags for the 2018 Summer Conference to be held at St. Simons Island on August 22-23, 2018, at the Sea Palms Resort.

Ken Patton is continuing to work with several potential venders to underwrite the cost of the dinner for Thursday night, February 8, 2018, at the Winter Conference at Lake Blackshear.

A discussion was held concerning the need to recognize our past presidents.  Norman Pope had secured some prices which he shared with the board.  Mike Mastrario made a motion, seconded by Lisa Jackson, to secure recognition plaques for our former presidents who are still members of GAZA.  The motion also included a plaque for Frank Jenkins for his outstanding services to the organization.  Motion passed unanimously.

The 2018 Winter Conference agenda and speakers were established with a need for a telephone conference to be held at a later date to determine the exact order of presentations.  The board felt that Frank Jenkins should be contacted first about his availability before setting the final agenda.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.

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